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For those candidates applying from outside of the US-Prospective student must be proficient in English and proof of such proficiency must be produced.  Students must meet all criteria to apply for the appropriate Visa. Please note that a visa can take up to 6 weeks to process through the University of Pennsylvania’s Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

Application Process and Admission Requirements:

Those wishing to participate in this course must be a graduate veterinarian.  

Requirements for application/admission include:

•        Diploma or other proof of graduation (document submission)

•        CV/Resume (document submission)

•        Documentation of financial ability (document submission)

•        Proof of medical insurance (document submission)

•        Proof of rabies vaccination (document submission)

•        Proof of liability insurance (document submission)

•        Completion of liability release form (document submission)

•        Completion of online application (Registration link)

•        Final Approval by CSAM Department Chair

Upon acceptance into program and arrival at Penn Vet, participant agrees to adhere to all policies and dress code guidelines at the Ryan Veterinary Hospital and University of Pennsylvania


**Please complete all the forms below and upload as a PDF using the document submission link to Dropbox below.  

Please note that that University charges a fee of $160 per person for Visa Processing.  These fees are subject to change and contigent on the administrative processing costs of a particular visa for your country.